Microsoft’s newest OS seems to be inching ever closer to Microsoft’s self proclaimed aim of having it running on a billion devices. The company revealed recently that Windows 10 is now running on 800 million devices, a staggering number that makes it far and away the most popular PC OS on the market (though overall, it is still trailing Android and iOS).

Note that this list includes all devices running any variant of Windows—so PCs and laptops, sure, but also phones, tablets, Hololens, Mixed Reality sets, IoT devices, and Xbox One. It’s still an amazing number, and shows just how well Microsoft and Windows are holding up even against the onslaught of mobile.

For gaming, the primary interest people have in Windows is PC gaming. On Microsoft’s part, they have pledged to do better with support for PC gaming this year, which may further boost adoption of Windows 10 with PC gamers who are still holdouts, and on Windows 7—we’ll know soon enough if Microsoft can follow up on this promise, however.

By Matt on 03-19-2019, 12:51 AM

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