Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation VR is the most popular gaming VR headset on the market right now, mostly thanks to its superior software when compared to PC VR headsets. And of course, its price-point doesn't hurt either. That said, one of its worst shortcomings is its wires. There's a lot of them. But not only does it turn your entertainment center into a tornado of wires, but there's additional wires that attach to the headset that can be troublesome and limit the playing experience.

However, while the first iteration of the PlayStation VR has a wire problem, it looks like the second swing at it by Sony won't repeat the same issue, or at least that's what a new (now suspended) patent filed by Sony seems to suggest.

According to the new patent, the next generation of PlayStation VR could have a breakout box that comes with the wireless headset and that switches transmission frequencies in order to always have a strong and steady connection with the headset without requiring a wire.

Of course, just because a patent suggests that the next PlayStation VR headset will be wireless, doesn't mean it will be. Patents don't always bear fruit, and just because Sony is patenting the technology now doesn't mean it will be implemented in the near-future, or ever.

Further, there's been no word from Sony that a PlayStation VR 2 is even being worked on, though many assume it is and will ship with the next-generation PlayStation console. While the PlayStation VR failed -- like every other headset -- to light the market on fire and penetrate the mainstream, Sony seems committed to VR and believe it has a place in the future of gaming. In other words, I can't see it just completely abandoning the tech without at least taking another stab or two at it.

By Matt on 03-18-2019, 12:55 AM

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