EA released a brand-new gameplay trailer all about Firestorm. The highly-anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield V will come out March 25th as a free update and marks the last major component of the online shooter to become available. Check it out!

A whole five months after the release of Battlefield V, the series-first battle royale game mode Firestorm is finally at the doorsteps. It looks like leaving this mode at last wasn’t the right business decision seeing how BFV failed to reach EA’s sales goals but in the age service games, second chances are aplenty and from what we learn today, Firestorm might just be missing ingredient to help surge the game’s popularity.

In case it’s still not clear enough how important Firestorm is for EA, the mode alone received four massive news posts on the official website, laying out each and every aspect of Firestorm in great detail. They are broken down into OverviewObjectivesWeapons and Vehicles. You can read them for a more detailed breakdown of the unique plays-style that is BFV’s battle royale mode.

The main takeaways are as following. Firestorm is not just another mode but an entirely different experience for Battlefield players. Halvøy is the map in this mode and according to EA, it’s the single largest map ever created in the Battlefield franchise. So, you know it’s going to be massive. 64 players will fight it out to the last man standing here, either solo or in a 4-man squad.

The signature destruction of the Battlefield games is present here too, so camping in buildings won’t protect you forever. Mobility, aggressiveness and tactic is the name of the game here. The giant firestorm that engulfs the map only intensifies this. Players will have the chance to use among a large garage of 17 vehicles to quickly traverse the large map. From amphibious cars to experimental helicopters, everything is here.
By Matt on 03-22-2019, 12:06 PM

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