Walmart is in talks with both developers and publishers about its own video game streaming service, a new report suggests. US Gamer reported that the massive retailer which sells video games and just about everything else has been talking to those in the industry about a streaming service since earlier in the year. Those talks continued into this year’s Game Developers Conference that brought about its own announcements related to video game streaming.

In its report on the supposed streaming service from Walmart, US Gamer cited several anonymous sources who are familiar with the retailer’s plans. Specifics on how the streaming service will work and other details weren’t provided by the sources, US Gamer said, though those who are privy to the situation are confident that Walmart wants in on the game streaming environment. Details on how far along the development of the service is also weren’t provided. US Gamer also suggested that these conversations between Walmart and other could only be exploratory meetings.

The rumor that Walmart plans to get in on video game streaming might sound like an unlikely one at first, but considering how other companies appear to be interested too, it’s not too unbelievable. Rumors about Walmart’s suspected service follow the official announcement from Google that revealed Google Stadia during the Game Developers Conference. Google tested a streaming service late last year that was called “Project Stream” at the time and let players stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey right from their Google Chrome browser. Google Stadia does that and more by incorporating YouTube’s features and a new controller into the formula, though specifics on the program aren’t known at this time.

Walmart’s streaming service hasn’t officially been confirmed to be in development, but until that happens, you can expect to see more info first on Google Stadia such as the speeds it’ll require to run games smoothly.

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It looks like Microsoft is in the midst of changing the way games are being offered – and possibly made – across their Xbox gaming consoles and Windows PCs. Thurrott’s research into how the back-end of Microsoft’s gaming services work, are hinting at a very interesting future for PC & Xbox gamers.

Thurrott, a blog reporting on all thing Microsoft from hardware to software, shared their findings in a fascinating post today. The article goes into technical detail but the gist of the story is, Microsoft is working on merging the technical back-ends of both their console and PC.
So, what does that actually mean? Simply, compared to the current status quo, where the same video game on PC and Xbox is offered and served each in their unique form, Microsoft might be working on a truly unified system. Meaning, PC gamers could download the Xbox version of a game and play it natively on their PC. This is a major shift to the way things are working currently, where developers have to create distinct PC and Xbox versions of their games. In many cases, the extra work and investment leads publishers to create their game for only one of the systems.
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Sony has yet to announce when the PlayStation 5 will release. In fact, it hasn't even teased a release window for the PS5. That said, we do know the Xbox Scarlett will arrive sometime Holiday 2020, likely in November, and so presumably the PS5 will also release during this window. And this is what a new report claims. And as you will know, many industry analysts are also guessing the system will release then as well, though one or two have suggested the system won't arrive until 2021.

Unfortunately, the report doesn't divulge any further details about the system's release date, but given that Scarlett is arriving holiday 2020, it's not very surprising to hear the PS5 could arrive then as well.

As you will know, the PS4 and Xbox One released very closely to each other. The former arrive on November 15, 2013 -- in North America -- and then seven days latter hit on November 22. However, the PS3 and Xbox 360 released nowhere near each other. The latter arrived on November 22, 2005. Meanwhile, the former didn't arrive on the scene until a year later on November 17, 2006. In other words, there's precedence of the systems releasing very closely to each other, but there's always precedence -- slightly more removed precedence -- of both releasing nowhere near each other.

That all said, there's a good chance the next-gen consoles will launch in the same window this time, and probably within the same month. The question is: who will arrive first? Well, who knows. I don't think either even have a date in mind. They may have a target, but the two certainly don't have a release date already planned out.

The longer Sony goes without saying a release window for the PS5, the more people may think it will arrive in 2021, but this seems unlikely. For one, neither system will break the holiday release tradition. That's just a bad business decision. So, why would Sony announce the PS5 this year if it didn't plan on bringing it to market until holiday 2021? Some may note that Sony surely wouldn't mind the current generation to last a bit longer given the massive success the PS4 has been, but sometimes you force the market to react to you, and other times you just have to react to the market. And with a Switch revision likely coming soon, Stadia launching this year, and Xbox Scarlett next year, Sony really has no choice but to get the PS5 out.

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